Nose in a Book Publishing is my business name because I think saying someone has their nose in a book is a great compliment. I love to read and don’t really care if it’s a paper book, eBook, newspaper, blog, travel brochure, back of a ​cereal box or whatever. I like to immerse myself in ​words and I hope you do, too.​

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Also a mom, champion of creative thinking, healthcare improvement geek, crafter, ​avid reader, traveler and late-blooming lover of cooking.

Jennifer Phillips, Author

Do you teach a high school or college multimedia class? I’m looking to partner with someone on a transmedia project for my Nina Kosterina biography. Wouldn’t it be great to bring the Stalin period of Russian history to life for teens through an interactive platform? And give students some practical experience with such a multimedia project? Send me a message if you’re interested in discussing this idea!

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A library-bound copy of my Girls Research! biography on women scientists is up for grabs. Pop over to children author Dorine White's blog to enter each week for her summer give-away of books. Enter the week of Aug. 18 for a chance at my book!

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