Nose in a Book Publishing is my business name because I think saying someone has their nose in a book is a great compliment. I love to read and don’t really care if it’s a paper book, eBook, newspaper, blog, travel brochure, back of a ​cereal box or whatever. I like to immerse myself in ​words and I hope you do, too.​

Meet Children's Author Jennifer Phillips

Also a mom, champion of creative thinking, healthcare improvement geek, crafter, ​avid reader, traveler and late-blooming lover of cooking.

Jennifer Phillips, Author

Check out the extras for my new book, Girls Research!, including links to several video clips I found online featuring scientists from the book. I love a good video snippet to supplement what I'm reading and I think you will enjoy these.

Don't be squashed
​by it!

Girls Research! 

The 56 scientists 
featured in this book
broke barriers, made
discoveries, and forever
​transformed the world.

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