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Picture Books

Too Much!:
Irrepressible Nellie, bit by the knitting bug, can’t help herself. She tends to go overboard when she discovers a new hobby. This time is no exception even as she tries to rein herself in. A yarn bombing romp through the joy of being crafty.
How to Keep Dad and Get a Cat: Creative Jasper brainstorms how to get a cat and keep his highly allergic dad.

Sounds of Friendship: How will Porcupine make a friend when no one wants to be within 10 feet of his quills?
I Can: Maddie learns to challenge feeling in the dumps about her disabilities after realizing the list of things she can do is surprisingly long. A story about the power of positive thinking for all ages.
Scissors Rock Paper: An unlikely friendship about breaking out of the mold to find your life purpose.
The Girl Who Cried Help (Too Many Times): Spirit’s imagination lands her in hot water when jealousy over new baby brother gets the best of her.
The Creature from Below: While exploring Grandpa’s farm, Jenny and her brothers encounter a strange creature popping up from underground. Is it a monster? Will it eat them? What should they do?
Izzy Takes Charge of the Day: A string of mishaps doesn’t have to ruin a good day. But try telling that to young Izzy when every little aggravation feels magnified and very personal. Figuring out how to cope is a powerful gift she’s still discovering.

Middle Grade

The Peculiar Mechanics of Soaring: 8th grader Elsie struggles with a mentally ill mom, helpless dad & misfit school status. But her musical talent could be a way out of her complicated life. Uplifting story set in 1970s Midwest.

Young Adult

Firebreak: Teen fights insecurities & learning disabilities to become reluctant activist sleuthing emerging elderly genocide. Mentored by a teacher and out-of-her-league cute college intern, can she rally others and save her grandma?


Horace Mann: A dynamic and fiery social reformer, Mann is called the father of public education for championing significant changes and equality in the country’s school system more than 150 years ago. Millions of young Americans have been shaped by his vision and dozens of U.S. schools are named for him. It’s time more young readers knew how he worked for schools to be free, open to all children, safe and run by trained teachers!

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