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Other Children's Writing Credits:
-"Prattle, Jabber, Grunt. A Medley of Sounds From a Surprising Source" article, 2015, Zing! by Schoolwide
-"What Hat Are You Feeling?" article, 2015, Zing! by Schoolwide
-"Inventing Things" article, February 2014, Boys' Quest magazine
-"The Power of Doodling," Kiki Magazine, spring 2012

-"Elijah P. Lovejoy--Speaking Out for Freedom," Learning Through History magazine, February 2009

 -"The Creature from Below," Stories for Children magazine, August 2008
- "The History of School Uniforms," Kiki Magazine, Fall 2008

-"Are They Eating Breakfast Now in Mongolia?" Highlights for Children magazine, pending publication

Enjoy browsing through my growing bookshelf. There are biographies on Elijah Lovejoy, Robert Wadlow, Nina Kosterina and women who’ve blazed new trails in science. And if you’re into crafting, check out my craft books from Capstone Press.

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