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This book tells the story of Elijah Parish Lovejoy, who used his newspaper two decades before the Civil War to call for an end to slavery. His beliefs were dangerous enough. Taking his cause public through his newspaper proved deadly. He faced angry mobs. They destroyed his printing equipment three times. Then, two days before he turned 35, a mob shot and killed Elijah as he defended a fourth printing press. His death turned slavery into a national debate and mobilized the abolitionist movement. It also made people more committed to protecting free speech.

Children's biography available in paperback and eBook. Includes historical images. Suitable for use with U.S. history and social studies assignments. For grades 5 and up. Lexile text measure: 900.​​

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Elijah Lovejoy's Fight for Freedom

 Grades 5 & up

Elijah Lovejoy Book Cover

Elijah Lovejoy's Fight for Freedom

The second edition of this biography became available in September 2020!