There are so many top-notch female scientists in the world, past and present, who are contributing important knowledge and advancements. One book can’t possibly recognize them all, so please consider this book a sampling meant to illuminate and inspire. 

A Few Links

Nobel Prize Laureates. Look under the sections for physics, chemistry and medicine for biographies and speeches from some of the women featured in my book, plus others.

U.S. National Postage Museum
. Look up female scientists featured in the Women on Stamps Exhibit,
​Parts 1-4.

Google Doodles. Search the list to see which scientists have been honored so far and look at their doodle images.

Extras:Girls Research! ​Amazing Tales of Female Scientists

Interesting Video Clips

Check out these interesting clips featuring some of the scientists covered in the book. Some are short interviews (not overly technical and some produced by kids), news clips about their work, historical footage or short video biographies with pictures or film footage.​​

 Grades 4-6

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