Three sample projects from the book made available through Capstone Press:

Initially Quilled

Special events color your life.  Let the programs or flyers from those  events color your room. This decoration uses a paper craft skill called quilling.  It might take some time to master, but the results will be well worth  it.

Ring Bling
Add a splash of color to any outfit with this spectacular ring, and let the fun blossom.

Time Capsule

Freeze a moment in timewith this paper craft project. Fill the time capsule with mementos from this year,  then stash it away to rediscover years from now.

​A leftover paper project idea I had that didn't make it into the book:

Tissue Box Bookmarks 
Here's a project that didn't make it into my Paper Artist book, but is a lot of fun and creates a memorable gift.

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 Grades 3-9

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