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Girls Research!: Amazing Tales of Female Scientists

 Grades 4-6

Girls Research Book Cover

Girls Research!
​Amazing Tales of Female Scientists

Never before have so many awesome women been celebrated in one book. The 56 scientists featured in this book broke barriers, made life-changing discoveries, and forever transformed the world. Their words change us. Their power amazes us. Their talent awes us. And their stories inspire us all.

For grades 4-6. ISBN 978-1-4765-4056-6 (reinforced library binding version). ISBN 978-1-4765-6162-2 (ebook pdf). 64 pages. Publisher: Capstone Press. Part of the Girls Rock! series celebrating female heroes. Titles in this series explore the lives of fascinating women and explain their achievements in music, athletics, politics, social service, and much more. This is not just a typical biography series. It’s super cool and smart, just like its subjects.


"The fascinating women included in this book were true pioneers and broke down barriers to blaze trails where women had not yet gone." - Karen Hildebrand, Ohio Library and Reading Consultant, Reading Online Today, March 10, 2014 "The Girls Rock! series features a kaleidoscope of professional women with bite-size tidbits on their careers, accolades, and paths to success. With colorful, splashy one- or two-page spreads with large photos and dynamic fonts, these entries offer brief summaries of women who excelled in their fields. . . .the sheer number of women profiled is enough to prove that girls really do rock." - Sarah Hunter, Booklist, July 1, 2014