My Youth: Jennifer Phillips

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I never expected to be a writer. I started playing flute in the fifth grade and music quickly became my passion and my career aspiration. I added oboe and a little tenor saxophone by high school. It was a high school English teacher who first planted the seed, suggesting I had a writing talent and should consider this when I went to college. I filed it away, determined to become a professional musician. But by the end of my freshman year at college, I realized I wasn't cut out for the competitive professional music world. Meanwhile, I got a part-time job in the front office at the student newspaper. I remembered what my English teacher said and started looking into journalism. By my sophomore year, I was setting typeface at the paper and had switched my major. By my junior year, I was a student reporter. Writing became my thing from then on. I still love music and occasionally dust off my old flute to run through a few songs. But watch out for those insightful teachers! ​

~ Jennifer Phillips ~