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With more than 50 out-of-the-ordinary paper creations, this is certain to be a hit with girls, their friends, parents, group leaders, and teachers. The materials: ordinary stuff that is likely laying around the house already or that could be purchased at a nearby store—not, as is so often the case with such guides, esoteric materials only found at specialty stores. (Only nine tools are required for the projects.) From the garland wind chimes on the front cover to the picture frame on the back cover, the book is filled with easy, creative paper projects set within a clear, mature, magazine design. For each one, the finished item is pictured in full color, required materials are listed in a text box, and step-by-step instructions are numbered. Although in some cases diagrams and patterns might have been helpful, they aren’t crucial. Missing, however, are two cautions: Adult supervision and assistance are necessary for the younger set, and care should be taken when using hot-glue guns and scissors. Craft books abound, but this one looks especially productive and painless.
- J. B. Petty, Booklist, December 15, 2013

"Crafting with paper is a staple in many library and school programs (and many homes, for that matter) and this book has some wonderfully creative ideas for doing that with style. From cards, to paper critters and on to some intricate pointillism and quilling projects, this is exactly the sort of book that belongs in a library collection!"
- Leslie Anstedt, NetGalley Review, January 1, 2013

"The projects in this book cover a wide range of topics and levels of difficulty. Every (future) paper crafter can find something here that appeals to him/her. . . .If you are a paper crafter and would like to introduce your child to it, or if you want to explore paper crafting together with your child, this book is something you should definitely have a look out for."
- Rikkis Teleidoscope blog, January 28, 2013

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