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 Grades 4 - 6

Reviews: Robert Wadlow
​The Unique Life of the Boy Who Became the World's Tallest Man

​​Received AD rating from Puget Sound Council For Reviewing Children's Media for meeting library standards, being relevant and interesting, and good for filling specific collection needs.

​"Robert Wadlow towers above the rest! These pages tell the spellbinding story of one of the giant role models of the 20th century, an eight-foot teenager who could have become a wallflower, but instead persevered to become a national icon. Through telling his inspirational tale, Jennifer Phillips teaches readers about accepting difference of all kinds--racial, economic, physical--and how to scale all of life's heights."
- Arianne Cohen, author of The Tall Book: A Celebration of Life From On High 

​"This is a great book for kids! It tells an interesting story of the world's tallest man and at the same time it teaches kids that it's ok to be different. The questions and exercises in the back of the book are great for teaching kids empathy. This is exactly the kind of book I'd see in the scholastic book club packets my kids bring home from school and based on their reactions, it would probably sell well . . . "
- Bonnie, Goodreads member

​". . . a great book for kids - it tells the story clearly and succinctly, has just the right number of pictures, and the suggested discussion questions and activities at the end of the book are excellent. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to learn a bit more about the world's tallest man, and as background material for any kids needing to think about people's differences and how to treat them."
- Zuzana, Goodreads member​